robyn sahleen, owner

I love Communication Graphics! It brings together my life-long passions – photography, illustration and fontography! I enjoy the relationships I build with my clients. Visual graphics play role an important role in our daily modern lives & I pride myself on finding positive ways to apply it.

I started providing Stanford University departments with graphic services in 1994 as a side hobby to my day job in the photo industry. I found a niche and quickly turned it into a full-time job. My focus has been to work with clients at Universities, Private Clubs, Non-Profit organizations and Learning Centers as well as small business run by women or minorities. I have taught software classes for the Applied Technology College and have offered personal PhotoShop training to amateur and professional photographers.  

I taught the “Meet the Masters” art program for 6 years at a local elementary school. Currently I am on the DayBreak Arts Council and a firm believer that communities are healthier with art and community volunteerism. 

My daily yoga practice helps me take on the creativity that my job requires.  I live on the edge of a small lake which is the perfect place to bird watch as well as walk my dogs. On weekends I enjoy hiking with my husband and two sons on the many trails available along the Wasatch Mountain Range. Other cherished pass times: reading, sewing, crocheting, quilting, gardening, rollerblading and paddle boarding.